general-health-checkupThe main purpose of our General Health Check-Up is to break down known risk factors for illness, create and improve awareness of health and fitness, as well as to provide referrals for the adequate treatments when necessary.

Our General Health Check-Up in London (also known as Basic General Medical Check-Up) can take up to an hour, and includes a medical examination as well as a number of different tests. They are:

– Medical examination including height, weight, BMI calculation, cardiovascular and respiratory systems examination, examination of the skin for moles and lesions

– Assessment for risk factors including recommendations for lifestyle changes

– Analysis of Medical History

Resting ECG

– Full blood profile which includes haematology (blood count, platelets, red blood cells, white cells, inflammatory markers), liver function test, kidney function test, iron and calcium levels, lipid profile inclusive of cholesterol levels, and glucose level

Urine Analysis

Our rate: £350

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