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At Harley Street Check-Ups we offer the widest range of health check-ups in central London. Our packages include the most widely used blood tests, cardiac examinations and ultrasounds.

At our clinic you will receive unparalleled confidential care in a clinical and relaxing environment. Most of the test results are made available within 24 hours, along with a full medical report which includes the doctor’s comments, usually sent to you via email or in paper form, should you prefer. There is no need for long waiting times or to visit the clinic again in order to obtain your results, unless you want to take advantage of the free follow up consultation which is included with every package.

We are renowned for our expertise in providing the most advanced blood tests in the UK, which are processed and managed by the most trusted laboratory in the country.

To book your health check up in Central London, please call us now on 020 7580 3145 or complete the form below.

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